Sunday, June 21, 2009

IQBIT - Electronic Music Composer - Collaboration with Visual Artists

Barcelona based IQBIT is an electronic composer from Rome based in Barcelona, Spain. IQBIT collaborates with Visual Artists, creating electronic music and sound for collaborative video and audio visual projects.  The works from these colloborations are both linked to research in synaesthesia but are also definitely are Visual Music.  Their visual music arises from a collaboration between music composers and visual artists, so the resulting video is a unity of the composition of visual and audio material.  Some of the videos are live sets - consisting of live audio and video. The words used to describe their works - sound video. Their live sets are described as Audio Visual Projects.
Iqbit myspace link:

Collaborations with xx+xy visuals

Bo Za AV project

IQBIT has created the sound for a Audio Video live set with visuals by xx+xy visuals.
This project is called Bo Za AV project and is documented online on the xx+xy visuals website. There are also high quality video excerpts.
Project Description: "Abstract and graphic audiovisual language presenting itself into rhythmic synch where the transfigurations is controlled thorough the digital animation process. The live project, sound and imagery are synchronized asserting a form of glitch minimalism re-assembled into rhythmic audio-visual landscape. Time of the gig 30min."
Watch Live Link


AV collaborative project by xx+xy visuals with IQBIT
"Experimental video project based on sound by IQBIT. The name of the work is directly inspired by the name
of the sound piece from IQBIT EP Liminal ‘08. This work is based on single black and white image that was
chosen among variety of images commonly used as desktop picture and typically representing beautiful
landscapes displayed on our desktop computers. This image is not representing any more urban landscape
with one bridge heading to some-where but is reconstructed into abstract and unique audiovisual language
presenting itself into rhythmic AV synch where the transfigurations is inspired and also controlled thorough
the digital animation process. This digital process of transfiguration of the image into abstract and computer
based work that use sound as source material, gives us the possibility to re-construct animations and
imagery through controlled rhythmic audio synch and effects of the software. The Rabbi sound and imagery
are synchronized asserting a form of glitch minimalism re-assembled into rhythmic audio-visual landscape. "
Source: Rabbi Project Description
Video excerpts at the above link also.
Quick link to video here.
Rabbi version 2 video link.

Zpac and Shart

Watch Zpac
Watch Shart

Collaborations with Lasal

Kristallographie - 2009

xx+xy visuals

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Center for Visual Music to Preserve Fischinger Experiments

June 12, 2009 - Animation World Network Headline News - Top Stories

Center for Visual Music to Preserve Fischinger Experiments

Center for Visual Music has received two new grants for preservation of very early Oskar Fischinger animation experiments.

The first grant is a prestigious Avant-Garde Masters Grant, to support the preservation of three nitrate reels of Fischinger's original 35mm experiments from his RAUMLICHTKUNST multiple projector cinema performances of the 1920s. The grant is funded by The Film Foundation and managed by The National Film Preservation Foundation. The Film Foundation is a nonprofit organization established in 1990 by Martin Scorsese, dedicated to protecting and preserving motion picture history. Joining Scorsese on the board are: Woody Allen, Paul Thomas Anderson, Wes Anderson, Francis Ford Coppola, Clint Eastwood, Curtis Hanson, Peter Jackson, Ang Lee, George Lucas, Alexander Payne, Robert Redford, and Steven Spielberg.

The second grant, received from The National Film Preservation Foundation, supports CVM's preservation of an early reel of Fischinger's 35mm nitrate black and white animation experiments from the late 1920s - early 1930s, which includes early Muratti cigarette commercial tests.

Center for Visual Music is a nonprofit archive dedicated to visual music, experimental animation and abstract cinema. CVM has received a series of film preservation grants and funding from public institutions and private sources over the past six years enabling its preservation of animated films by Fischinger, Jordan Belson, Jules Engel, Charles Dockum, John and James Whitney, Harry Smith, David Lebrun and others. CVM provided films for the 2005 Visual Music exhibition at MOCA LA, the 2003 Jules Engel Retrospective at Redcat Theatre, and many international festivals and museum exhibitions.

Join CVM and help with their preservation and promotion of experimental animation (and collect cool vintage Fischinger and other premiums!)