Thursday, October 26, 2006

Annaud - Enemy at the Gates

Enemy at the Gates - Jean Jacques Annaud

2001 - trailer

Len Lye - Videos on Google Video

Len Lye - Videos on Google Video

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Camera Obscura - The Legacy Photo Project

Submitted by Daniel Martin Martin

The Legacy Photo Project - The World's Largest Camera & Photograph

Chris O'Shea - Sonicforms installation

sonicforms - an open source research platform for developing tangible interfaces for audio visual environments
by Chris O'Shea

George O. Stadnik - Lumia Artist

George O.Stadnik - Lumia Artist "The science and art of light are my sources of inspiration. Curiosity, discovery, imagination, creativity and discipline transform my dreams into reality
" - Creates optical lumia, Lumia Projectors and Digital Lumia


CALL FOR WORKS - MuVi: moving image on synesthesia and visual music

"MuVi: International exhibition of video and moving image on synesthesia
and visual music"
Deadline for submissions: 30 November 2006
Download of the Text and Forms of the Call in:

MuVi - Call for international exhibition on synesthesia and visual music

Next updatings in:


MuVi (Visual Music) invites artists, musicians, designers and performers,
also professors and
university students, to submit proposals of kinetic works to be part of a
public exhibition, with
performances and discussions. Visual Music exhibition is part of the Second
International Congress "Synaesthesia: Science & Art", to be held from the
28th April to the 1st of May 2007, Palacio de Exposiciones y Congresos, in
Granada, Spain.

Latest date for submissions is 30 November 2006 (date of postage).

The topic of the exhibition is visual music and synesthesia. For "visual
music", we intend every representation to be only visual or audiovisual, suggested by the music.
The correspondences between the visual and music can be the results of
synesthetic perceptions (the visuals are the mental images suggested by the
music); or the correspondences can be the result of studies on the
analogies between the visual and musical languages (rhythms, tonality,
texture, colours, etc.). The support of a narrative thread is not required.

The call is for two categories of participants:
. Participant A: professionals (artists, musicians, designers and performers)
. Participant B: university (professors, students, or graduated within the
last 12 months).

Any Moving Image (video, animations, etc.) - only visual kinetic work,
audiovisual, or interactive
- is eligible for submission. University professors can submit a collection
of didactic works. Students, one or more works, produced in an university
The work does not have to be published and must be free from copyrights.

Digital work can be submitted on CD-ROM. The files with the works can be
in the following
formats: .MOV, .AVI, .MPEG, .SWF. For other formats, send your questions
to:, or . Each work, or collection of
works, must be accompanied with the appropriate "Entry Form" completed.
Please do not send DVDs or videotapes.
We cannot return CDs.

The fee is kept to an absolute minimum, and is used only to finance the
organisation of the project.
All works selected for exhibition will be published on a DVD free of any
further charges.
Entry fee for each work (or collection):
- 50 Euro (Participant A)
- 30 Euro (Participant B1/B2)
(Account: n. 2031 0161 27 01158 17408, "Fond MuVi 2006, YOUR NAME".
Titular: Fun. Int. Arte Città. Bank Caja Granada. IBAN: ES19 2031 0161 2701
1581 7408)
Terms and conditions
The 20 best works received will be admitted to the exhibition (10 for the
Participant A category and 10 for Participant B). The best 80 works (with
their descriptions), will be published on a DVD. For this, the works do
not have to be published and free from copyrights.
The selection of the works will be edited by the Exposition committee.
All participants will be informed about the Exposition Committee decision
by E-Mail by 31st
January 2007.

Dina Riccò (Indaco Department, Faculty of Design, Politecnico di Milano,
María José de Córdoba (Fundación Internacional Artecittà, Granada)
Luca Curci (International ArtExpo, Italy)
Juan Carlos Sanz (Professor of Diseño y Comunicación Visual, Madrid)
Tremedad Gnecco Suarez (Faculty of Ciencias de la Educación, University of
Carlos Villalobos (Faculty of Bellas Arte, Granada)
Comisión valoración artística (Palacio de los Condes de Gabia, Diputación
de Granada)

1. One "Entry form" for each work (send by email to: and
2. One package with CD ROM (with the file of the work), one Entry form for
each work printed
and signed, and the payment form (send to: Artecittà, at the address below).

"Participant A" Submissions are to be sent to:
International Foundation Artecittà
C/Alhamar n. 30, 1° - 18004, Granada, Spagna

"Partecipant B" Submissions are to be sent to:
Prof. Dina Riccò, Politecnico di Milano, Faculty of Design
Via Durando 38/a - 20158, Milano, Italy

Any questions are to be directed to: or; also, see the web site:

Direction and coordination: Dina Riccò (Politecnico di Milano)
Organization: María José de Córdoba (Fundación Internacional Artecittà)
With the support of: Comisión valoración artística (Palacio de los Condes
de Gabia, Granada).
Patronized by: Ayuntamiento de Cuevas del Almanzora (Almeria),
Ayuntamiento de Granada,
Diputación de Granada, Ministerio de Cultura of the Spain, Politecnico di
Milano (Faculty of Design),
Unesco, Universidad de Granada (Faculty of Farmacia, Psicología, Filosofía
y Letras, Ciencias de la Educación,
Bellas Artes). With the contribution of: Ediciones Jizo, Extramuros Revista

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Laserwhite Lumia

Laserwhite Lumia

From 5^Holomeeting in Italy 2004
by Elettro

Nancy Herman - Colors moving in time to music

What Might Have Been

Nancy Herman - "Colors moving in time to music"

Barry Hale - Haiku

Barry Hale: HAIKU

Barry Hale - Haiku - intraference videos - video feedback loops

Joel Cadman - Spinning Lights

Spinning Lights #128 Smoke

Spinning Lights #128 - Joel Cadman - Video Feedback

Saturday, October 21, 2006


Submitted by Conor Hinfey

Yugop - A variety of interactive studies and works created by Yugo Nakamura for his MONO*crafts project.

Orwell - Music Video - Toutes les nouvelles parlent d'hier

Submitted by Julien Lonchamp

Music Video for band Orwell - "Toutes les nouvelles parlent d'hier". Select m for medias and scroll to select Toutes les nouvelles parlent d'hier. The band place themselves inside well known album covers.

Album Covers Galore - youtube broadcast

Submitted by Aejaz Zahid

Album Cover Galore!!

Metropolis - Fritz Lang - 1927

The Thief of Baghdad - 1940

The Thief of Baghdad - 1940 - UK

Thief of Bagdad (1940, UK)

"The Academy Award for Special Effects (photographic and sound) was awarded to this film. Associate producer William Cameron Menzies designed some of the rich special effects for this imaginative Arabian Nights fantasy film produced by Alexander Korda, a loose remake of the original Douglas Fairbanks silent classic of 1924; they included a flying magic carpet, a six-armed mechanical assassin, a toy horse that could fly, poor Bagdad thief Abu's (15 year-old Sabu) battle with a giant spider in its huge web, and the sight of 50 foot tall genie or Djinni (Rex Ingram) in a tiny bottle. Special "

Deadly Media - Hexstatic

Hexstatic - Deadly Media

Joan Jonas - Waltz

Image as metaphor

Joan Jonas - "Waltz" - Image as metaphor

Project Bifid - installation

Shimmer - architect Alisa Andrasek and artist Beth Coleman and Howard Goldkrand - installtion . Project Bifid "For Bifid (2005), Alisa Andrasek collaborated with materials specialist Mary Boone Wellington to produce a field of polycarbonate ribbon structures that emerge from the floor and ceiling. Infinitely variable by way of their algorithmic origin, the weaving patterns of this fabric reverberate throughout the gallery, oscillating in density and complexity.
". ,,, Project "Beth Coleman and Howard Goldkrand's sculpture Waken (2005) builds across a network of signals in an installation of tendon-like bio-dynamic materials and audio speakers. Using a generative code that emulates the movement of bees in nature, the artists create a "sonic prairie" characterized by diversity, accident, and spontaneous growth.

James Seo - Interior

Multiple Points of view

James Seo - US - He wants to explore how to use digital media and technologies to visually represent and synthesize multiple points of view and points in time.

Yoshiyuki Komatsu - Roundscape

Power Graphixx - Roundscape - Yoshiyuki Komatsu's Roundscape is a landscape movie made with a horizontal framework inspired by an ancient Japanese art form called "EMAKI." This work has been selected as the Adjudicator's Recommendation at the Japan Media Arts Festival.

Power Graphixx - Roundscape. "Yoshiyuki Komatsu's Roundscape is a landscape movie made with a horizontal framework inspired by an ancient Japanese art form called "EMAKI." "

Nell Breyer and Jonathan Bachrach - push and MIT - imove

Exploring the "bottlenecks of human motion"

Nell Breyer and Jonathan Bachrach - Push and MIT - i:movie. "I:move is a performance / installation series that explores how we perceive movement. It embeds daily activities into formal choreography and is being developed for public spaces that are bottlenecks of human motion"

Viking Eggeling - Syphonie Diagonale

Symphonie Diagonale by Viking Eggeling

Don't know who has scored the music for this version of the video - put the music to silent!

Hexstatic - Deadly Media

Hexstatic - Deadly Media

Sheri Wills - Integrated music and video - US

Sheri Wills - integrated music and video

Sheri Wills is an artist whose work is based in film, sound and digital media.
She curated a program of films called "Synesthesia: The Musical Form in Avant-Garde Film"

Metaman, for Violin with Digital Sound and Video (2009) Video by Sheri Wills Music by Charles Norman Mason from Karen Bentley Pollick on Vimeo.

Scott Draves - Kunstformen

Scott Draves - kunstformen - black and white dub. "The animation is made from a series of 100 lithographs entitiled "Kunstformen der Natur", German for "Artforms of Nature", created by Ernst Haeckel in 1899-1904. "

Scott Draves - Dub Visuals

Scott Draves - Dub Visuals

"The original images come from historic Islamic arabesques. They were carved in plaster and wood, painted, and mounted in actual buildings in Andalusia and Morocco. These ancient artworks were photographed, printed in a book, scanned into a computer, adjusted with Photoshop, and animated with After Effects. Each step in the journey has left its tell-tale mark, from the lighting of the original photograph to the mask of the printer to the blocky pixels of the digital zoom. "

Spot aka Scott Draves

Spot aka Scott Draves - Dreams in High Fidelity - A painting that evolves. Software artist residing in San Francisco US

Scott created Bomb: a visual musical instrument based on artificial life in 1996. Check it out at:


MOOVLAB Philadelphia - high-definition non-narrative conceptual arts channel devoted to showcasing 24-hours a day of creative video art and experimental films.

Gunvar Nelson - Film/ Video Artist - US - Sweeden

Gunvor Nelson - Film Video Artist

"Gunvor Nelson Retrospective: Personal Lens -October 20–23, 2006 [MoMA - New York]

This exhibition of work by film and video pioneer Gunvor Nelson spans four decades and offers a rare opportunity to experience the accumulated impact of Nelson's artistic vision. Her poetically expansive life's work-created in both San Francisco, her home and workplace for over thirty years, and her native Sweden, where she has resettled-has consistently, often courageously, privileged her subjective gaze and individual experience. Nelson relentlessly refuses predictability (and succeeds) in her search for a true relation between project and form. Among the most experimental of artists, Nelson illuminates such elusive and intimate subjects as childhood, aging, displacement, memory, women's roles, death, and the symbolic forces of nature and water via a potent exploration of the possibilities of sound and moving image. Her ephemeral, dreamlike images are simultaneously tactile and almost tangible, while her imaginative use of language and traces of music add considerably to the emotional impact of her works. Filmic collage and dynamic editing create tension and contrast. The unique characteristics of Nelson's works form less a definable style than a sustained aesthetic.
Organized by Jytte Jensen, Curator, Department of Film."

Chris O'Shea - Sonicforms

Chris O'She Sonicforms

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Walter Ruttmann

Walter Ruttmann - Lichtspiel Opus I

Experimental animation directed by Walter Ruttmann, 1921. The Original Film was silent but the film was scored for music, with music composed by Max Butting

Hans Richter - Rhythm 21

Hans Richter - Rhythm 21

positive negative relations and contrasts

Viking Eggeling - Symphonie Diagonale

Symphonie Diagonale by Viking Eggeling

Perhaps turn the volume down...originally a silent film

Claudia Rohrmoser - Austrian Video Artist. Interesting work called Kreisen created as a commission for the Piano Optophonique project. Collaboration with composer Kotoka Suzuki

Piano Optophonique Project

Anna Geyer film - aradaptor

Demers/ Geyer - Commissioned by the Piano Optophonique Projectexcerpts from Anna Geyer's film
� ARADAPTOR (I Feel So) �

Walter Ruttmann - Opus 1 - 1921

Walter Ruttmann
Light-Play Opus I - 1921 - Video Clip Available

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Patrice Leconte - Le Batteur du bolero - 1992

google video broadcast

Music Ravel's Bolero

Ben Fry - Genome Valence

Ben Fry's Genome Valence @ FITC

youtube broadcast - quote from youtube "Upon audience request, Ben Fry describes his craaaaazy human genome valence project at FITC2006... built with Processing.
( le/fry/genomevalence/) "

Michael Snow - Wavelength

wavelength (1967)

Michael Snow - Wavelength 1967 - 12 minute excerpt of 45 minute film. Youtube broadcast

Gyorgy Ligeti - Poème symphonique for 100 metronomes

A performance of Poème symphonique for 100 metronomes was broadcast by ARTE france. The video can be downloaded at UBUWEB, as well as information and transcript from the broadcast

Poème symphonique for 100 metronomes - Gyorgy Ligeti - Video from an ARTE (France) broadcast of Po�me Symphonique for 100 metronomes.

The video can also be viewed on google video

Google Video Broadcast

Poème symphonique for 100 metronomes - Google Video - 8 minutes

(following text from Google video, link above) "Poème symphonique for 100 metronomes has been very rarely performed in public. The complicated scenographic staging, the detailed ... all » preparation by hand, the need for around ten technicians to activate more or less simultaneously the 100 metronomes, makes the demand for performances limited. Thirty-two years after the premiere, the sculptor and installation artist Gilles Lacombe heard a recording of the work. Impressed, he decided to invent a machine able to perform the piece automatically. After six months, he set up this ingenious device. Ever since, Poème symphonique can be performed accurately, at any time, and in public." Video of the perfomace recorded in Rome, presented by an orchestra of 100 performers.

Anton Giulio Bragaglia - Thais - 1916

Link to Google Video Broadcast of:

Thais by Anton Giulio Bragaglia
Futurist Photographer / filmmaker

Thais on Google Video

"Avant-garde film, made using the concepts of the Italian Futurism. Directed by Anton Giulio Bragaglia, screen play by Riccardo Cassano, based on the Anatole France's novel "Thaïs", 1916. French subtitles."

Rafael Lozano-Hemmer - Re:Positioning Fear

Re:Positioning Fear - Relational architecture - Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, concept, direction, visuals, text

Oliver Gondrey - Bricoleur

Oliver Gondrey - Bricoleur - Video Clip Online

Georges Méliès - Le Mélomane - 1903

Google video broadcast

Writing Music!!!

Georges Méliès - l'homme orchestre - 1900

Google Video Broadcast

Georges Méliès - Trip to the Moon - 1902

Google Video Broadcast

Georges Méliès - L'homme a la tête en caoutchouc (1901)

YouTube Broadcast

Norman McLaren - Synchromy - 1971

Google video broadcast

Norman McLaren - Canon

Google video broadcast

Aurora Borealis

YouTube Broadcast "Music : Atmospheres by György Ligeti
Aurora Borealis

YouTube Broadcast "Music : Atmospheres by György Ligeti
Aurora Borealis

YouTube Broadcast "Music : Atmospheres by György Ligeti
Thermoesthesia (interactive art)

YouTube Broadcast - "Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology
Collaborators: Momoko Inose, Rie Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology
Collaborators: Momoko Inose, Rie Yokomotsu,
Kinya Fujita, Toshiie Kitazawa,
Mototsugu Tamura, Shinji Sasada
Kamakura, Japan
(小牛攝於 Siggraph 2006)"
Thermoesthesia (interactive art)

YouTube Broadcast - "Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology
Collaborators: Momoko Inose, Rie Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology
Collaborators: Momoko Inose, Rie Yokomotsu,
Kinya Fujita, Toshiie Kitazawa,
Mototsugu Tamura, Shinji Sasada
Kamakura, Japan
(小牛攝於 Siggraph 2006)"
Thermoesthesia (interactive art)

YouTube Broadcast - "Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology
Collaborators: Momoko Inose, Rie Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology
Collaborators: Momoko Inose, Rie Yokomotsu,
Kinya Fujita, Toshiie Kitazawa,
Mototsugu Tamura, Shinji Sasada
Kamakura, Japan
(小牛攝於 Siggraph 2006)"
Ben Fry's Genome Valence @ FITC

Youtube Broadcast. "Upon audience request, Ben Fry describes his genome valence project built with Processing.
artfuture :: Tamiko Thiel

Interview with Tamiko Thiel for her world premiere of The Travels of Mariko Horo at the "Edge Conditions" show at the San Jose Museum of Art during ISEA2006 / ZeroOne San Jose in August 2006.

George Legrady - Polyoptic - Visualization Animation

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Norman McLaren - A Chairy Tale - 1957

Google video broadcast

Norman McLaren - Neighbours - 8mins - 1952

Google video broadcast

National Film Board of Canada
One of the many short films put out by the National Film Board of Canada. This one was headed by Norman McLaren, in 1952

Simon Doyle - Music in Similar Motion

Music by Philip Glass, Performed by Alarm Will Sound, Video by Simon Doyle
Images by the Squared Circle Group at

Demo Video online at:

Stan Brakhage - Prelude 5 (1985)

“PRELUDES 1-6 is comprised of six hand-painted and double-frame printed sections of 16mm film: No. 5 is composed of extremely thin-lined colors and sharply delineated shapes which are constantly interrupted by "cloud"-like forms.”

More Resources

Hans Richter - Dreams That Money Can Buy

Experimental Film directed by Hans Richter

"in collaboration with Max Ernst, Jean Cocteau, Paul Bowles, Fernand Leger, Alexander Calder, Marcel Duchamp and others."

Hans Richter - Rhythm 23 (1923)

More Resources:

Henry Mills - Kino Da (1981)

Video to download at ubuweb:

"KINO DA! (1981) is a portrait of North Beach Communist cafe poet & gentle comrade, Jack Hirschman, editor of the "Artaud Anthology" (City Lights). Shot in sync with wind-up Bolex." Source:

More Resources

Sound - John Cage and Kirk Roland 1966

avant garde minimalist jazz music performance noise experimental film

Further Resources:
This site also provides a link to download "Sound"

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Lumiere Brothers

lumiere brother - The arrival of a train 1896

George Méliès - Voyage to the Moon - 1902

Georges Méliès - Voyage to the Moon - 1902

Abelardo Morell - Camera Osbscura - Photographer (US

Abelardo Morell - Photographer (US) - Abelardo Morell makes magical camera obscura images in darkened interiors. The simple process -- he blacks out all the windows, leaving just a pinhole opening in one of them -- produces photographs of complex beauty. The world outside is projected upside down into the room which he then photographs using long exposures. (Abelardo Morell, Bulfinch Press) and

Edwin S. Porter - The Great Train Robbery - 1903

Google video broadcast

D.W. Griffith - The Birth of a Nation

Google video broadcast (all 3 hours!!!)

Lumiére Brothers - The Arrival of a train at la Ciotat Station - 1895

The Arrival of a train at la Ciotat Station - 1895
L'Arrivée d'un train en la Gare de la Ciotat

Google video broadcast

"Filmed in 1895, it was first shown to a paying audience in Paris, France on January 6, 1896. The 50-second silent film captures the entry of a steam locomotive into the train station in the French coastal town of la Ciotat. Like most of the other early Lumière films, L'Arrivée d'un train consists of a single, unedited "view" illustrating an aspect of everyday life...

The story goes that when the film was first shown, the audience was so overwhelmed by the moving image of a life-sized train coming directly at them that people screamed and ran to the back of the room."
Source text:

YouTube Broadcast

Dickson Experimental Sound Film - 1895

Dickson Experimental Sound Film (1895)

W.K.L. Dickson plays the violin in front of a horn connected to a cylinder recording machine. Frames from early experimental attempt to create sound motion pictures by the Edison Manufacturing Company.

Eugene Sandow may 18 1894

Eugene Sandow may 18 1894

Vaudeville Act - Eugene Sandow - Edison Studios

Virigl Wildrich - Copyshop - 2001

Virigil Wildrich - Copyshop - 2001

Golan Levin - Messa di Voce

Golan Levin - Messa di Voce

Youtube broadcast - "An Audiovisual Performance & Installation
for Voice and Interactive Media
by Golan Levin and Zach Lieberman
with Jaap Blonk and Joan La Barbara
Created Summer 2003"

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Norman McLaren - A Chairy Tale

Norman McLaren - A chairy tale - play film online at National Film Board of Canada

Golan Levin - Messa di voce - youtube

Golan Levin - Messa di voce

Monday, October 9, 2006

Grocery Store Wars

An organic food parody of Star Wars animated. The rebellion begins against the dark side. An organic food parody of Star Wars animated. The rebellion begins against the dark side.
broadcast by veoh

Grocery Store Wars

An organic food parody of Star Wars animated. The rebellion begins against the dark side. An organic food parody of Star Wars animated. The rebellion begins against the dark side.
broadcast by veoh

Caesar and Cleopatra - Early Colour Film

Early colour film at veoh

Caesar and Cleopatra - Early Colour Film

Early colour film at veoh

Friday, October 6, 2006

Domotic - Beautiful song "There may be a tiger"

Metropolis - (From veoh)

Metropolis - (From veoh)

Metropolis - (From veoh)

Thursday, October 5, 2006

What does music look like?

Somadrone - Neil O Connor - Ireland

Live Performance of Neil O'Connor's (of Somadrone) video and music.
Video at

Get this video and more at

Check out somadrone on myspace at:

Kate McKeon - Carnival - Video and Music

Kate McKeon's video and music piece carnival is presented by Kate on YouTube


Kate McKeon, Carnival Video and Music

Worth checking out her music and other videos at:

History of Early Visual Media

History of Early Visual Media

Excellent resource - About the book

"a community actively discussing and reflecting on philosophy and theory related with Vjing and realtime interaction."

La Monte Yound, Marian Zaaeela, Pandit PRan Nath

- MELA Foundation

MELA foundation - Seven+Eight Years of Sound and Light

BibliOdyssey: The Visual Context of Music

BibliOdyssey: The Visual Context of Music - Excellent presentation

Sergio Maltagliati - Automated Interactive Net Visual Music

"After his studies of music (Conservatory "Luigi Cherubini" of Florence), he began to paint, creating a new method of writing music where the score becomes a visual composition."

from his biography online at:

VisualMusic - Automated Interactive Net Visual Music

Website -

Website -

Article on visualising music by Rebecca Winzenried

Article: Hear the colors, see the music (pdf format)

Article: Metaprogramming Emergent Graphics by Scott Draves

Article: Metaprogramming Emergent Graphics is presented in this webpage.

It was originally published in the ylem journal (US) Artists using science and tecnology. There is an archive of the journal in pdf format at:

Interakt Studio - Slovenija

"The sense of hearing is deprived of its traditional "privilege" and sight - which until now has not had a distinct role in listening to and evaluating music, is being given the opportunity for integral/interactive cooperation. This is an opportunity to equally enjoy both sound and visual contents without "slippind" into the trap of the visual environment or the visual story of natural contents and diminishing the fundamental qualities of MUSIC - that abstract, eternal and ever-welcome companion of mankind."
Božidar Svetek


Interakt Studio - Slovenija

Arts in Motion - US

Arts in motion is a Philadelphia US based organisation commited to promoting classical music. Their mission statement:
"Art is for everyone. That means you.

Arts in Motion, a non-profit corporation, presents concerts and education programs that bridge generational and cultural gaps while preserving and expanding the classical music tradition. Through collaborations with video artists, electronic musicians, poets, and interactive designers, AIM's informal and accessible concerts present new forms of multi–sensory art. Arts in Motion Education Department (AIMED) brings classical music to underserved youth with free performance demonstrations and computer–aided music composition lessons. Both AIM's concerts and education programs employ the latest technology to bring classical music into the 21st century."

Thomas Wilfred Lumia by Richar Lovstrom

Thomas Wilfred Lumia - by Richard Edgar L�vstr�m

Wednesday, October 4, 2006

Music Beyond Performance: SoundImageSound - US

Robert Coburn of the Conservatory of Music, University of the Pacific, 3601 Pacific Avenue, Stockton, CA U.S.A.
"With Music Beyond Performance: SoundImageSound ... the Conservatory Computer Studio for Music Composition (CCSMC) in combination with the Conservatory of Music, University of the Pacific presents concerts featuring the work of artists who cross boundaries to combine the aural and the visual. For 2006 this event will again feature new works of "fixed media" which in some manner combine multi-channel sound and visual images without "live" performance. "

Music Beyond Performance - Annual Concerts that present fixed media works that integrate sound and image

George Stadnik - New York

George Stadnik is a lumia artist, practising since 1968. You can see examples of his work at: He has created instruments such as the photon guitar and the optic nerve -
The photon guitar is a "patented manual instrument enables the artist/performer to intuitively and directly manipulate form, colors and patterns to create and project moving, kaleidescopic images."
He also uses digital technology to create digital lumia - compositions of ambient visual music

The Photon Guitar (tm)